Pat McAfee is sure to laud the XFL when The Rock is in the House

The Pat McAfee Show LIVE From Radio Row Las Vegas | Thursday February 8th, 2024
The Pat McAfee Show LIVE From Radio Row Las Vegas | Thursday February 8th, 2024 (YouTube)

Controversial sports talk analyst and commenter Pat McAfee was sure to say glorious things about the XFL when he had The Rock in the interview chair.

McAfee was determined to push The Rock into a comparison of the two leagues that make up the brand new UFL, the XFL and USFL.

“The XFL was 50 times better than the USFL,” McAfee said. “That is not an understatement. That is not an understatement at all. When it comes from an entertainment standpoint, I think like viewership interest, everything. The way it was being run, I think a lot of people would say the XFL was miles ahead of the USFL.”

The Rock was less dramatic in his assessment, and he gave the USFL props for starting their league in a more timely fashion than the XFL.

“We had the wind against us,” The Rock responded. “COVID bought the league down in 2020, so we had our work ahead of us. The USFL already had a jumpstart — they already had a season– but at the end end of the day, I’m happy that we joined forces.”

The Rock then maneuvered the conversation to a more positive tone about Spring Football.

“I do believe in spring football,” The Rock said. “I think there’s a place for it. You guys know, it’s like when you ball out, you know, I was one of those guys who, if I had more reps, maybe I would have been a little bit better. I just didn’t have that choice and that opportunity. So that’s what spring football represents. I’m glad we’re together right now and still as hands-on as ever, at the end of the day. I love the game. And I love creating opportunities just for players.”

UFL training camp is coming up soon, scheduled to take place in Arlington, Texas, beginning February 24th. Afterward, the UFL season kicks off on Saturday, March 30th, with a much anticipated face-off between the Birmingham Stallions and the Arlington Renegades.

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