About UFLBoard/XFLBoard

Established in April 2000, XFLBoard.com was one of the first XFL web sites to appear online.  Originally established as a portal for fans to discuss the XFL through a simple message board, it  expanded to news, rumors, chat, surveys and polls.

XFLBoard.com has followed the XFL throughout it’s days of inception and through the moments where the league kicked off for the first time, declared a champion, and then folded. With the demise of XFL 1.0 in May 2001, XFLBoard.com became an archive of a league that once was. It remained this way until January 2018 when rumors of the XFL being reestablished were leaked. At that time the discussion forums were restarted, and the site came back to life.

XFLBoard.com continues to provide fans with the latest news about the league. Since 2001, on XFL game day we place team reporters in the press boxes, locker rooms and sidelines of as many teams that will accommodate us. Many articles written for the site are unique in their fan perspective. We are also continuously expanding our “army” of reporters as new opportunities arise.

Contributors to the site have done so for the love of the game. However, starting in August 2020 we began to compensate our contributors for their efforts.

Every week the fans are polled as to their opinion about the XFLBoard.com Players of the Week. As the official league picks are made, XFLBoard.com also publishes the Fan’s Choice for Players of the Week. Sometimes the official choices and the fan’s picks are the same; sometimes they are totally different.

The centerpiece of the site is a very active discussion board. In 2001, the XFL Board boasted over 3500 active members and averaged over 150 new posts every day. Of course, this was prior to the advent of social media. It was a time when member’s discussion board posts were quoted in the “LA Times” and in “YAHOO Internet Life” magazine. Times have changed though, and the XFL Board competes with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and others. The heyday of online message boards is past, however the XFL Board soldiers on as a safe place where people can discuss the league in an intelligent moderated forum.

In January 2024, XFLBoard was rebranded as UFLBoard to follow the new league that was created when the USFL and XFL merged.

Onwards and upwards for the UFL and the news/fan site UFLBoard.com!

If you have any questions about this site, or wish to make an offer to purchase this web property please contact us.