Who will be the solution to the St. Louis Battlehawks now barren run game?

Running back Wayne Gallman, Clemson Tigers
Running back Wayne Gallman, Clemson Tigers (Clemson Athletics)

With the “retirement” of Max Borghi, what does this truly mean for the Battlehawks?

The 24-year-old running back played for the Houston Roughnecks last year and put up an impressive 310 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns, which is way more impressive when considering that he only played 8 games and was sharing touches with Brycen Alleyne. Borghi was a top-5 back in the league last year, and the Battlehawks were hoping to repeat that season or even make it better when signing him in the offseason after the XFL Roughnecks went defunct.

However, Borghi was not in the cards for the St. Louis team, as he retired from football altogether. This, coupled with the fact the Battlehawks lost their leading rusher from last year, Brian Hill, who put up over 400 yards, what is Battlehawks Head Coach Anthony Becht’s solution to the now barren St. Louis run game?

The Battlehawks are heading to training camp with a variety of options.

Wayne Gallman, Clemson University

Gallman played three years and forty-two games for Clemson and put up just below four thousand all-purpose yards in that time. Gallman was selected in the fourth round, at 140th overall, by the New York Giants. Gallman had over two thousand all-purpose yards in three years while backing up Saquan Barkley, who is mostly known as a top-ten running back. The Giants decided not to re-sign Gallman after 2020; since then, he has been picked up and cut by the 49ers, Falcons, Vikings, Chiefs, and Seahawks. Finally, on January 30th, the Battlehawks picked up the veteran. Gallman may be an easy lock as a starter, with his resume and experience in the position.

Jacob Saylors, East Tennessee State

The Tennessee product put up over three thousand all-purpose yards while running for the eastern university. After being an undrafted free agent, Saylors spent time with the Atlanta Falcons this previous season but was cut due to injury. Saylors may be really good depth and be a good feature back for the Battlehawks.

Mateo Durant, Duke University

Former team MVP winner Mateo Durant rushed for over two thousand yards in college and 11 touchdowns. He was the Battlehawks second-best rusher last year, with 117 yards and no touchdowns, only behind now free agent Brian Hill. Could be a solid backup for the team in the near future.

Kavon Latulas, Missouri State

Latulas went for nearly fifteen hundred all-purpose yards in 25 games while at Missouri State and had ten combined touchdowns. He recently entered the CFL but was cut while in training camp. A good dual-threat backup that could also be a good special teams player.

While the initial loss of Brian Hill and Max Borghi may have been crushing for the Battlehawks, it looks as if the Battlehawks running game will be in good hands.

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