UFL Week Three Television Viewership Stays Strong

With the UFL week three games, viewership remains steady.

After their week three games, it is apparent that UFL viewership has reached a decent average, which is good news for league owners, advertisers, and sponsors who may have feared ratings would drop as the season went on. So far, this is not the case.

For the Sunday afternoon games aired on ABC, viewership remained very strong, topping the million mark for the St. Louis at San Antonio game, which aired at 3 p.m. Eastern.

2024 UFL Week 3

  • Sat Apr 13, 1PM, D.C. at Arlington, ESPN, 534k viewers
  • Sat Apr 13, 7PM, Memphis at Birmingham, FOX, 837k viewers
  • Sun Apr 14, 12PM, Houston at Michigan, ABC, 974k viewers
  • Sun Apr 14, 3PM, St. Louis at San Antonio, ABC, 1.023 million viewers

— All times ET. Streaming numbers are not included.

Looking back at weeks one and two, we see how the UFL’s viewership has been relatively steady.

Week 1

  • Sat Mar 30, 2024,  1 p.m. ET, Birmingham at Arlington, FOX, 1.181 million viewers
  • Sat Mar 30, 2024, 4 p.m. ET, St. Louis at Michigan, FOX, 1.349 million viewers
  • Sun Mar 31, 2024,  noon ET, D.C. at San Antonio, ESPN: 960k viewers
  • Sun Mar 31, 2024,  3 p.m. ET, ESPN, Memphis at Houston, 703k viewers

Week 2

  • Sat Apr 6, 12PM, San Antonio at Memphis, ESPN, 718k viewers
  • Sat Apr 6, 8PM, Arlington at St. Louis, ABC, 908k viewers
  • Sun Apr 7, 12PM, Birmingham at Michigan, ESPN, 903k viewers
  • Sun Apr 7, 4PM, Houston at D.C., FOX, million 849k viewers

Considering how much of a drop we have seen in other seasons, the week two and three numbers are entirely respectable in comparison.

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