We Will Miss out on Some Great Football

By QumarChicago – XFLBoard.com Enforcers Team Reporter

Chicago – (3 February 2001) — As the XFL begins, so does a new era in football.

The XFL will provide some new entertainment on a boring Saturday night primetime schedule. On NBC, tomorrow, Saturday, February 3, 2001, the XFL will begin. And as the saying goes, “Hell hath no fury, except the XFL”.

This will definitely be a big part of the XFL. Now, on the inauguration day of this new league, there will be 2 games. The headliner, NY/NJ Hitmen vs. Las Vegas Outlaws, will have all of America’s eyes on NBC. BUT, the other game, Chicago Enforcers vs. Orlando Rage, will be taken out of the spotlight, because of one little storyline. There is now football in the Sin City.

I say so what. Why should there be a preference when it comes to picking a football game to be aired on national television? It’s not right. People are going to miss out on some better football. I don’t really like how the media is helping, or should I say not helping, the Enforcers. NBC will only show cut-ins of the Enforcers/Rage game. That is not fair to any Enforcers or Rage fan that wants to see the game in its entirety. And, locally in Chicago, the Enforcers flagship station, ESPN Radio 1000, is pre-empting the game to air the Chicago Bulls game on their airwaves. The rest of the game can be heard on ESPN Radio Plus.

It seems everywhere I turn, the XFL, or the Chicago Enforcers are being shafted. They are treating them as outcasts that are not wanted. Now, don’t take it that I am against the Outlaws and Hitmen game, but it’s not fair just to have cut-ins. Show the Enforcers/Rage game on regional coverage, like they do with the NBA on NBC. All I have to say is, enjoy how much time of the Rage and Enforcers provide. We will ALL miss out on some great football.