UFL Insiders Podcast Week 3 with Anthony Miller

Writer Anthony Miller joins the show live to breakdown week 3 of the United Football League.

Detailed Description

Writer Anthony Miller joins the show live to breakdown week 3 of the United Football League.

Introductions: Matthew and Anthony

*Check in with Anthony

*Week 3 Game Review:
-D.C. Defenders 29, Arlington Renegades 28 (Anthony Miller)
8,411 in Attendance and 534,000 Average Tv Viewers on ESPN

-Memphis Showboats 14, Birmingham Stallions 33 (Brady Ray)
12,265 in Attendance and 837,000 Average Tv Viewers on FOX

-Houston Roughnecks 20, Michigan Panthers 34 (Mike T Bell)
6,952 in Attendance and 974,000 Average Tv Viewers on ABC

-St. Louis Battlehawks 31, San Antonio Brahmas 24 (RJ)
11,790 in Attendance and 1.023 Million Average Tv Viewers on ABC

*Quick Recap of Week 4 Games
-Saturday, April 20th
Memphis Showboats at St. Louis Battlehawks, 11:30AM CST/12:30PM EST (ABC)

-Saturday, April 20th
D.C. Defenders at Birmingham Stallions, 6:00PM CST/ 7:00PM EST (FOX-Regional)

-Saturday, April 20th
Michigan Panthers at San Antonio Brahmas, 6:00PM CST/ 7:00PM EST (FOX-Regional)

-Sunday, April 21st
Arlington Renegades at Houston Roughnecks, 1:00PM CST/ 2:00PM EST (FS1)

Closing: Anthony and Matthew



Mike Mitchell Tweets on Week 3 Attendance/TV Ratings: https://x.com/ByMikeMitchell/status/1779610453569585174

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Open Theme for Episode: Heavy Vision X K. Sparks – “Dramatic Trap-Opportunity (instrumental)”

Closing Theme for Episode: Nbhd Nick – “Go Hard or Go Home”

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Recorded on 04/16/2024

1 thought on “UFL Insiders Podcast Week 3 with Anthony Miller”

  1. This was one of the best of Matt’s shows. Good pace good info good discussion with AM and the other guest for their respective teams.

    Great job.


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