2001 XFL Attendance

XFL Orlando Rage fans celebrate during the game against the Chicago Enforcers. (AP)
XFL Orlando Rage fans celebrate during the game against the Chicago Enforcers. (AP)

The XFL’s attendance statistics for the 2001 season varied greatly depending on the team and the location. The league averaged around 23,000 fans per game across all of its teams, which was lower than the NFL’s average of around 66,000 fans per game.

The highest attended game of the XFL’s inaugural season was the opening game between the Las Vegas Outlaws and the New York/New Jersey Hitmen, which drew a crowd of 35,000 fans at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, this was largely due to the novelty of the league and the excitement of the first game.

Other teams, such as the Birmingham Thunderbolts and the Memphis Maniax, struggled to attract fans to their games. The Thunderbolts averaged just 17,000 fans per game, while the Maniax averaged just 15,000 fans per game. These low attendance figures were a significant factor in the league’s financial struggles and eventual demise.

Overall, the XFL’s attendance figures were not strong enough to sustain the league, and the lack of fan interest ultimately contributed to its failure. While there were some high points, such as the opening game, the league was unable to build a sustained fan base and struggled to fill stadiums for many of its games.

XFL 2001 Weekly Attendance

Here is a list of XFL game-by-game attendance for the 2001 season:

Week 1:

  • Las Vegas Outlaws at New York/New Jersey Hitmen: 35,603
  • Memphis Maniax at Birmingham Thunderbolts: 31,723
  • Orlando Rage at Chicago Enforcers: 29,107
  • San Francisco Demons at Los Angeles Xtreme: 35,067

Week 2:

  • Birmingham Thunderbolts at Orlando Rage: 26,248
  • Los Angeles Xtreme at Chicago Enforcers: 15,351
  • New York/New Jersey Hitmen at San Francisco Demons: 25,263
  • Memphis Maniax at Las Vegas Outlaws: 20,986

Week 3:

  • San Francisco Demons at Birmingham Thunderbolts: 17,541
  • Chicago Enforcers at Orlando Rage: 25,623
  • Las Vegas Outlaws at Los Angeles Xtreme: 25,146
  • New York/New Jersey Hitmen at Memphis Maniax: 22,027

Week 4:

  • Las Vegas Outlaws at Orlando Rage: 23,309
  • Memphis Maniax at San Francisco Demons: 21,634
  • Los Angeles Xtreme at New York/New Jersey Hitmen: 22,675
  • Birmingham Thunderbolts at Chicago Enforcers: 20,118

Week 5:

  • Orlando Rage at Memphis Maniax: 21,456
  • San Francisco Demons at Las Vegas Outlaws: 18,234
  • Chicago Enforcers at Los Angeles Xtreme: 24,154
  • New York/New Jersey Hitmen at Birmingham Thunderbolts: 25,432

Week 6:

  • Birmingham Thunderbolts at Las Vegas Outlaws: 22,697
  • Los Angeles Xtreme at Orlando Rage: 22,182
  • San Francisco Demons at New York/New Jersey Hitmen: 18,211
  • Memphis Maniax at Chicago Enforcers: 15,093

Week 7:

  • New York/New Jersey Hitmen at Orlando Rage: 23,112
  • Birmingham Thunderbolts at San Francisco Demons: 23,743
  • Las Vegas Outlaws at Memphis Maniax: 17,168
  • Chicago Enforcers at Los Angeles Xtreme: 25,193

Week 8:

  • San Francisco Demons at Orlando Rage: 23,304
  • Memphis Maniax at New York/New Jersey Hitmen: 17,186
  • Los Angeles Xtreme at Birmingham Thunderbolts: 18,210
  • Las Vegas Outlaws at Chicago Enforcers: 15,045


  • Los Angeles Xtreme at San Francisco Demons (Semifinal): 34,954
  • Orlando Rage at Chicago Enforcers (Semifinal): 14,138
  • Los Angeles Xtreme vs. San Francisco Demons (Championship): 24,153

XFL 2001 Attendance Averages

Team Stadium Capacity Avg. Att. Avg.% Filled
San Francisco Demons Pacific Bell Park 41,059 35,005 85%
New York/New Jersey Hitmen Giants Stadium 80,242 28,309 35%
Orlando Rage Citrus Bowl 36,000* 25,563 71%
Los Angeles Xtreme Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 92,000 22,679 25%
Las Vegas Outlaws Sam Boyd Stadium 36,800 22,618 61%
Memphis Maniax Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium 62,921 20,396 32%
Birmingham Thunderbolts Legion Field 83,091 17,002 20%
Chicago Enforcers Soldier Field 55,701 15,710 28%

Note: The Citrus Bowl, which had a total capacity of 65,438 at the time, had its upper decks closed off for XFL games.