UFL Announces Team Coaching Staffs

The United Football League today announced the eight teams’ coaching staffs and general managers in advance of the 2024 season
The United Football League today announced the eight teams’ coaching staffs and general managers in advance of the 2024 season

Arlington, TX – February 21, 2024 – The United Football League today announced the eight teams’ coaching staffs and general managers in advance of the 2024 season, which kicks off on Saturday, March 30, 2024.

“We have assembled an excellent roster of head coaches, coaching staffs, and player personnel executives to lead our athletes,” said Russ Brandon, President and CEO of the UFL. “We want our players to continue to chase their dreams and provide them every opportunity to unlock their potential both on and off the field. By providing our athletes with high-level experienced professionals in every area of their football experience (coaching, athletic training, performance science, player development), we hope to assist these talented young men in achieving their goals.”

“The depth of knowledge and experience these coaches bring to the table is incredible and speaks to the high caliber of talent the UFL set out to assemble for the 2024 season,” said Daryl Johnston, Head of Football Operations. “The impact they will have on our players will go beyond X’s and O’s, and we look forward to watching them grow as young men as well as players as they continue to chase their football dream.”

Individual team information can be found below.

2024 UFL Coaching Staffs

Arlington Renegades

  • Bob Stoops, Head Coach
  • Rick Mueller, General Manager
  • Reggie Davis, Tight Ends/Running Backs
  • Jay Hayes, Defensive Coordinator
  • Jonathan Himebauch, Offensive Line
  • Chuck Long, Offensive Coordinator/QBs/WRs
  • Matt McMillen, Quality Control
  • Marvin Sanders, Defensive Backs
  • Bill Sheridan, Linebackers
  • Scott Spurrier, Special Teams

Birmingham Stallions

  • Skip Holtz, Head Coach
  • Zach Potter, General Manager
  • Chris Boniol, Special Teams
  • Corey Chamblin, Secondary
  • John Chavis, Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers
  • David DeGuglielmo, Offensive Line
  • Bill Johnson, Defensive Line
  • Mike Jones, Wide Receivers
  • Phillip Montgomery, Co-Offensive Coordinator/Running Backs/Tight Ends
  • Daric Riley, Assistant Secondary

D.C. Defenders

  • Reggie Barlow, Head Coach
  • Von Hutchins, General Manager
  • Vernon Dean, Defensive Backs
  • Fred Kaiss, Offensive Coordinator
  • Sean Anderson, Wide Receivers
  • Russ Ehrenfeld, Offensive Line
  • Deion Harris, Linebackers
  • Shannon Harris, Quarterbacks
  • Jeremy Watkins, Defensive Line
  • Gregg Williams, Defensive Coordinator

Houston Roughnecks

  • CJ Johnson, Head Coach
  • Lionel Vital, General Manager
  • Garret Chachere, Special Teams/Running Backs
  • Bob Connelly, Offensive Line
  • Kwahn Drake, Defensive Line
  • Jordan Higgins, Tight Ends
  • Brett Maxie, Defensive Backs
  • Eric Price, Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
  • Zach Shagi, Assistant Secondary
  • Chris Wilson, Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers

Memphis Showboats

  • John DeFilippo, Head Coach
  • Dennis Polian, General Manager
  • Kirk Doll, Special Teams/Running Backs
  • Carnell Lake, Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs
  • Doug Martin, Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers
  • Paul Pasqualoni, Linebackers
  • Steven Thompson, Assistant Linebackers
  • Jim Turner, Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line
  • J. Vernieri, Tight Ends

Michigan Panthers

  • Mike Nolan, Head Coach
  • Steve Kozar, General Manager
  • Collin Bauer, Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line
  • Marcel Bellefeuille, Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
  • Jaron Fairman, Special Teams/Wide Receivers
  • Tim Holt, Offensive Line
  • Brock Marion, Defensive Backs
  • Jordan Pavlisin, Running Backs
  • Christian Runza, Linebackers
  • Gary Watkins, Tight Ends

San Antonio Brahmas

  • Wade Phillips, Head Coach
  • Marc Lillibridge, General Manager
  • Chris Achuff, Defensive Line
  • Derrick Berry, Linebackers
  • Andre Gurode, Offensive Line
  • Payton Pardee, Wide Receivers/Special Teams
  • Will Reed, Defensive Coordinator
  • J. Smith, Offensive Coordinator
  • Marvin Williams, Running Backs

St. Louis Battlehawks

  • Anthony Becht, Head Coach
  • Dave Boller, General Manager
  • Donnie Abraham, Defensive Coordinator
  • Martin Bayless, Secondary
  • Kyle Caskey, Running Backs/Special Teams
  • Chris Claiborne, Linebackers
  • La’Roi Glover, Defensive Line
  • Bruce Gradkowski, Offensive Coordinator
  • Gino Gradkowski, Offensive Line
  • Phil McGeoghan, Wide Receivers

Additional coach announcements will be posted at a later date.

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