The United Football League announces an exclusive partnership with The United States Army

WASHINGTON, D.C and ARLINGTON, TX – APRIL 6, 2024 – The United Football League (“UFL”) today announced an exclusive partnership with The United States Army (the “Army”) in which the Army has been named the Presenting Partner of the League. Together the two organizations will collaborate on leadership development initiatives, community engagement events, and increasing awareness of the opportunities the Army and UFL offer young leaders and athletes to create the future they want. The UFL and the Army will leverage each other’s platforms – including the broadcast and digital platforms of the UFL partners, which include FOX, Disney (ESPN/ABC), Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson – to reach diverse, new audiences across the nation.

As part of the agreement, the Army logo will be featured on all UFL gameday jerseys as well as on the fifty-yard line at games. There will be Army activations at UFL games, including a spotlight honoring veterans and current Army personnel who have served our nation.

The UFL and the Army will also work together to host community events and create bespoke programs to raise awareness and recruit the next generation of leaders in local UFL markets.

No matter the life goal, the Army accelerates the lives of young leaders from all walks of life. In addition to the many tangible benefits – including college tuition, professional development and career training programs, comprehensive health care, family benefits and more – those who answer the call to serve experience a timeless sense of purpose alongside great teammates.

Russ Brandon, President and CEO of United Football League

“It is an honor and a privilege to partner with the Army, underscoring our continued commitment towards expanding opportunities and empowering athletes to achieve their dreams. The expansive reach of our broadcast partners, Fox and Disney, combined with the social platforms of Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson, as well as the deep connections we have established within our local communities allows us to support the Army’s mission to reach new audiences and engage the next generation of leaders.”

US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Randy George

“We are proud to join together with the UFL to mutually invest in the future of our nation. The US Army is committed to defending our nation in a dynamic world, and recruiting the next generation of leaders is critical. We recognize the importance of sharing this message with communities across the country – serving in the Army will give you purpose and accelerate your life. We are grateful for the support of the businesspeople, entrepreneurs and professional athletes of the UFL and their commitment to America’s Army.”

UFL Partner Commentary

Eric Shanks – Chief Executive Officer and Executive Producer of FOX Sports

“This landmark partnership represents an opportunity to make a difference in our communities, to uphold our nation’s values, and to serve a cause greater than ourselves. FOX Sports prides itself on our long-standing and vigorous support of the United States military, as evidenced by special edition programming live and on-site from multiple active bases, academies and historical sites throughout our history.

“As a company, our standard is always to give the rightful respect to our soldiers and their families, and we are deeply honored to showcase these remarkable personnel while highlighting the incredible opportunities the Army offers for those who answer the call to serve. We are humbled to work with the Army in this new capacity and look forward to achieving excellence together.”

Burke Magnus, President, Content, ESPN

“The U.S. Army is an emblem of courage, strength, and opportunity for our country. We have a long history of respect and appreciation for the Army and are proud to support their powerful message as part of our UFL coverage.”

Dany Garcia – Founder, CEO and Chairwoman of The Garcia Companies

“What has continually inspired me about the Army is its unwavering discipline, which serves as the foundation of our shared vision for creating something truly remarkable – something people want to show up for. It’s with pride that we partner with an institution as esteemed as the Army, one that embodies the highest ideals of leadership and service. This partnership wasn’t born overnight but rather is the culmination of months of effort, guided by our league’s mission to redefine the possibilities, not just within sports but beyond.”

Dwayne Johnson – Founder and CEO of Seven Bucks Companies

“At their cores, both the UFL and Army are organizations of values and opportunities. I’m boundlessly inspired by the men and women of our armed forces, who wake up every day to defend our great nation with integrity, ethics and grit. It’s a privilege for our UFL to partner with the Army.”

Mark Dowley – Chief Operating Partner of RedBird Capital Partners

“It’s a tremendous honor to establish a strategic partnership with a national institution such as the U.S. Army. The strength of our UFL partners – Fox, Disney, Dwayne and Dany – differentiates us from other organizations and presents a compelling platform for current and future partners. Together, we have the potential to unlock a new layer of the football ecosystem and empower a younger generation of athletes and leaders.”

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