Tillman and Pearson May Get Whacked!

New York – (10 March 2001) — In this day and age of sports, patience runs thin. You either get it done now or pay the consequences. The NY/NJ Hitmen have been one of the XFL’s biggest disappointments thus far. NY has been on 3 NBC games thus far and the results have not been that good. NY is the nation’s #1 TV market and The Hitmen have failed to deliver on the field and in the ratings. The Hitmen are standing at 1 and 4 after 5 games with only 5 games left in their season. 2 at home and 3 on the road.

The Hitmen trail The Birmingham Thunderbolts by 1 game for the 2nd and final playoff spot in The Eastern Division. Their battle to salvage the season begins this Sunday afternoon On TNN when the Hitmen travel to Pac Bell Park to face The red hot San Francisco Demons.

The pressure is on. The Hitmen have to win to keep pace in the east and jobs are on the line. If things don’t get turned around quickly for NY/NJ. Then heads will roll and roll soon.

Rusty Tillman and his coaching staff may not be back for a 2nd season and the blame could fall on the head of NY GM, Drew Pearson. Pearson is responsible for the Hitmen’s current players and coaches. The league’s biggest blunder belongs to NY who selected Quarterback Charles Puleri one pick ahead of Running Back, John Avery!!

This can be a very tough business for a lot of people. In the end, It all comes down to winning. If you don’t do it. You are not kept around. Both Pearson and specifically Rusty Tillman’s future rides on how The Hitmen finish their season.

If the Hitmen continue to struggle and finish the season in a poor fashion, Then Rusty will lose his dream job and Drew Pearson may survive the ax but for how long. NY is a crucial market for the XFL and they will not sit around and watch the market go to waste. Hitmen fans will demand a change and they might get it.

Things are really going to start to heat up in the XFL and it begins this Sunday afternoon in San Francisco.