Memphis Showboats are staring into the abyss

Troy Williams #11 of the Memphis Showboats runs with the ball against the Michigan Panthers during the fourth quarter in the game at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium on April 28, 2024 in Memphis, Tennessee. (Photo by Joe Murphy/UFL/Getty Images)

With week six of the inaugural UFL season in the books, the Memphis Showboats are all but shut out of post-season play. Of course, with their 1-5 record and four games left in the regular season, the best they can finish is 5-5. Unfortunately, the team they have to beat in the USFL Conference is the Michigan Panthers, and they are sitting on a 4-2 record and also have four games remaining.

For the Showboats to make the playoffs, they would have to win all of their remaining games while the Panthers would have to lose theirs, giving the Showboats a playoff spot with a one-win margin over Michigan. Of course, the Roughnecks are in the same situation, and the Showboats would have to contend with them if they went on the same winning streak.

So, you’re saying there’s a chance? Yes, there is.

But this week, the Showboats must decide which quarterback will start in their week seven game against the Arlington Renegades at Choctaw Stadium.

In the Showboats game against the powerhouse Birmingham Stallions, the decision was to start Case Cookus, who completed 15 passes on 23 attempts for 115 yards and one touchdown. Before his removal from the game in the third quarter, he threw no interceptions. Troy Williams came in and completed six passes on 13 throws, for one touchdown and one interception. Both quarterbacks had meager running stats, with Cookus carrying once for 4 yards and Williams carrying twice for 11 yards.

Doug Martin, the offensive coordinator for Memphis, reports that head coach John DeFilippo will evaluate the two quarterbacks this week and decide who will start against Arlington.

Martin explained that the decision to start Cookus in week six against Birmingham was primarily due to Cookus’s injury and his diligent efforts to heal and prepare.

Martin explained, “Case had sustained an injury, and it’s unfortunate for someone to lose their job due to an injury. So, when they’re healthy, you like to give them the benefit of the doubt to come back.”

Martin also addressed the decision to switch quarterbacks in the third quarter of the Birmingham game, explaining that the Showboats were looking for an offensive spark.

“We just felt like during the game, we were at that point where we needed some type of spark, a little bit more energy, and maybe more mobility,” Martin said. “That’s what Troy gave us. He did get 10 points on the board for us in three drives, so he did well.”

As for the rest of the squad, Martin insists the Showboats are motivated and ready to take on the remainder of the season.

“We went through a three-game losing streak last year and then finished up winning our last three,” Martin said. “There’s no entitlement with these guys. They’re all hungry, and they want to succeed. They all want to either try to get moved up to the NFL or they want to keep playing here and making money. That’s all the motivation these guys really need. It comes from wanting to take care of their families and themselves and keep playing football.”

Martin insists the spark is there among the players, and he expects them to give their all for the remainder of the 2024 UFL season.

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  1. Memphis Showboats got rid of the Tod Haley, got rid of our QB, receivers, and corners from the previous year! You must have some stability if you want the team to succeed. The offense isn’t on the field long enough for the defense to rest up! The decisions that were made prior to the season starting or after the 1st season killed our team! Love our team and will continue to support!
    Go Boats!!


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