Familiar Names Tryout for the Bolts

By Sonny Sanders Birmingham Bolts Co-Reporter

21 September 2000 – Wednesday the Thunderbolts held an invitation only tryout camp. Among those in attendance were former players from Auburn, Alabama, and UAB. Names that are familiar to the Birmingham football fans. These players were not bench-warmers in college. Some of the players are very good, but not NFL caliber. A notch below you might say.

This list includes former Auburn players Jimmy Brumbaugh, Andy Fuller, and James Willis. Those representing Alabama were Curtis Alexander, Dennis Riddle, Shamari Buchanan, and Prince Wimbley. Also present were ex-UAB players Kevin Drake, Melvin Sidney and Anthony Blevins.

The bolts were also looking at other SEC players in the camp such as former Arkansas running back Chrys Chukwuma and ex-LSU QB Herb Tyler.

At this point, with nothing to compare it with, the talent level appears rather good. Time will tell. With a roster of former SEC players the names will be familiar and the quality should be good. It appears that the Birmingham franchise could become what the Birmingham Stallions might have been had the USFL not failed. The Stallions were good and the talent was at a high level. The fan interest was also there. Unfortunately the league folded.

The XFL has the money, exposure, and the T.V. contract to survive. A good team of recognizable players would almost guarantee success.