Bolt’s Attendance Stunted by NASCAR and Nature

By Sonny Sanders – Bolts Team Reporter

Birmingham – (19 February 2001)— Don’t judge the size of the crowd for the Bolts – Enforcers game to harshly.

The fact that a severe storm hit the area on Friday surely played a huge factor in the Bolts attendance of 17,582. The storm caused a great deal of damage and left hundreds of thousands without power. Football was not a priority for most this weekend and that is understandable.

There was also a little thing called Daytona 500 that may have kept a few people at home.

But the people that were able to attend the game were thoroughly entertained. The Bolts offense played well despite the fact that it only scored one touchdown. The special teams play was still a trouble spot with one blocked and two missed field goals.

This was a day that belonged to the defense. They held the Enforcers to 212 total yards and 3 points. The Enforcers playmaker John Avery was held to 94 total yards. The Enforcers had been averaging 30.5 points per game while Avery has averaged 201 yards per game. The Bolts’ defense was hard-hitting and relentless. They knew that they key to stopping the Enforcers was Avery and they refused to allow the Enforcers to move the ball. It was the defense that sealed the victory with an interception that was returned 98 yards for a touchdown by Duane Butler.

Birmingham is becoming one of the best defensive teams in the XFL. If the offense can catch up, then the Bolts may be the team to beat in the Eastern Division. The Bolts are a scrappy team that plays tough every down. They epitomize what the XFL is about.