Lights… Camera… Action. Real Live Action!

(26 September 2000) — I was at an airport last year waiting for a connecting flight, and waiting out the time by spending it in the airport bar, and having a very expensive, but cold and refreshing beer. On the bar television was wrestling. No, not Olympic wrestling, but WWF wrestling. A middle aged woman, sitting … Read more

Southern Fried Football

By Bamaslammer Birmingham Bolts Co-Reporter 23 September 2000 – While waiting for news on the staff and minicamps. (Mike Shula former offensive coordinator for the Bucs was in town last week but you DIDN’T HEAR IT FROM ME). I was pondering what made football successful in Alabama. Of course the first thing that comes to … Read more

Familiar Names Tryout for the Bolts

By Sonny Sanders Birmingham Bolts Co-Reporter 21 September 2000 – Wednesday the Thunderbolts held an invitation only tryout camp. Among those in attendance were former players from Auburn, Alabama, and UAB. Names that are familiar to the Birmingham football fans. These players were not bench-warmers in college. Some of the players are very good, but … Read more

Sixty-Seven Days in San Jose

The XFL has announced it will move the “Demons” franchise to Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco. (18 September 2000) — The day was Monday the 10th of July, 2000. The headline on had read: Do you know the way to San Jose? We’d like to think that this 1968 Burt Bacharach song title had … Read more

Out with the old, in with the new

By QumarChicago – Chicago Team Reporter 16 September 2000 – On September 10, something unexpected happened that would affect the Chicago Enforcers and the XFL. The XFL’s first GM of a team in its league, Ken Valdiserri resigned. Personally, I saw that this might have happened, what with all the rampant rumors going around in … Read more

It’s All Math

(11 September 2000) — When the XFL was first announced, one of the comments was “Who will play in such a league?” It seems that the real question should have been “What will the XFL do with all the potential players they turn away?” The XFL is getting a lot of attention lately from players … Read more

Forget About the CFL

(7 September 2000) –– What a bunch of confusing talk lately! All this talk of sharing players and mergers with the CFL. Where is all this coming from? Answer: The media. Media sources have been rife lately with stories about the CFL merging with the XFL, the CFL sharing players with the XFL and the XFL … Read more

Fire in the Sky

By Bamaslammer – Birmingham Bolts Co-Reporter 1 September 2000 – A huge emotional mushroom cloud rose above Birmingham and once again a seemingly unrelated subject was drawn into the endless racial bickering that has been common in Birmingham for several generations. The Blast lay dead in the street… another victim of the Birmingham political bull … Read more