UFL Streaming (Watch the UFL)

How to watch or stream the UFL

How to watch/stream UFL games?

The UFL season airs on FOX, FS, ABC, and ESPN.

How can I stream the UFL if I do not have cable?

UFL games on FOX and FS are available to be streamed live on the FOX Sports website and the FOX Sports App. This may not work for you because you may have to indicate your broadcast provider.

If you have an antenna in a good reception area, you may watch some UFL games on your local FOX and ABC stations.

Games that air on ESPN are available on ESPN Plus (Only streams ESPN games)

How can I watch all UFL games?

For those without cable and no ability to watch an over-the-air broadcast, there are USA based live-streaming services that carry all UFL broadcast channels, including:

Most of these services offer free trials.
: If you live outside the USA, you will need a VPN service to use these services without being geo-blocked.