Dwayne Johnson confirms he will be attending XFL showcase in Hawaii

Dwayne Johnson XFL Football
A forward looking Dwayne Johnson promotes upcoming XFL showcases via social media.

It was hinted he would be in attendance at XFL player showcases in the past, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has confirmed he is “flying in personally to watch our showcase in HAWAII.”

His one bit of advice to players is to “BRING IT.”

The XFL is planning a series of player showcases in six cities across the United States, starting with the University of Maryland on June 17, 2022. The showcases are designed to give prospective football players a chance to exhibit their skills in front of XFL coaches and personnel directors. Players will be evaluated based on performance for inclusion in the XFL Draft player pool for the upcoming 2023 season.

XFL Showcase in Hawaii

The Hawaii showcase is scheduled for Saturday 25 June, 2022, and is being held at McKinley High School in Honolulu, one of Johnson’s former high schools where he attended in 1986-1987, during his freshman and sophomore years. The location of this showcase is no accident, and there is no doubt the XFL will promote this angle in order to gain traction with the main-stream sports media.

Johnson’s presence at the showcase is more than to cheer on prospective players. The XFL is using “The Rock” to promote the league, in this case by connecting young athletes to the XFL’s motif of being a league of opportunity for burgeoning football players. Much like Johnson in his high school years, he used his dreams of being a successful footballer to fuel his college football career at the University of Miami. Truthfully, Johnson’s football opportunities eventually fizzled out, which led him to the sport of wrestling. The rest is history.

The XFL continues to use Johnson’s personal story as a marketing tool, and why not?  When it comes to celebrities, he is as popular as they come.