Plenty of positivity for Jim Zorn as he is welcomed into the XFL

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Monday saw XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck welcome former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Jim Zorn into the XFL as Head Coach and General Manager of the Seattle franchise, which spawned a torrent of positive messages to be sent in Zorn’s direction. First from Oliver Luck himself: “I watched Jim Zorn play for the @Seahawks, an expansion franchise, … Read more

Lawsuit reveals Ebersol’s initial intention to go with XFL

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Earlier today, Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell tweeted about a lawsuit filed by investor Robert Vanech against the Alliance of American Football and Charlie Ebersol. He also revealed how Ebersol’s original plan was to restart the XFL by purchasing the league for $50 million from Vince McMahon. Lawsuit details here. Exhibit in lawsuit shows that … Read more

Oliver Luck on XFL Broadcast Package, Seattle’s Head Coach Announcement

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Today, XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck was on the Charlie Brennan Show on St. Louis KMOX radio, and gave an update on the progress of league announcements, including a hint Seattle’s Head Coach will be announced next week. Luck confirmed the league will have a 10-game season starting the weekend after the Super Bowl, followed by … Read more

XFL broadcast plans may include surprises

XFL 2020 Television Ratings

In January 2019, Sports Business Journal reported the XFL was looking for broadcast partners that would air nearly all their games. They also reported that the league was in talks with ABC/ESPN and Fox Sports. Today, we await an announcement about the XFL’s major network broadcasting plan, which we are told is imminent. We also … Read more

Fan’s Choice: XFL Team Names

The fans have spoken! What do the names Dallas Outlaws, Houston Oilers, Los Angeles Avengers, New York Hitmen, St. Louis Stallions, Seattle Wolfpack, Tampa Bay Sharks and Washington Generals have in common? They were the top vote-getters in our “Fan Choice: Team Name Poll.” Why did we do this? Mainly, to give XFL fans a … Read more

XFL Rumor Mill is Churning

It has been a busy weekend! Not only did the AAF kickoff their inaugural football season, the XFL was basking in their recent victory of hiring Oklahoma Sooners coach Bob Stoops to a Head Coaching job in Dallas, and still made time to celebrate a one-year countdown until their own kickoff in 2020. However, the … Read more

XFL Running on Vibe

For XFL 2.0, it’s halftime in the two-year runway from inception to kickoff. Taking the approach of the “tortoise” in a well-known children’s fable, the XFL has let the “hare” race towards the finish line at double-speed. Of course, the hare is the Alliance of American Football, who is kicking off their inaugural season in … Read more

Oliver Luck: XFL not a Developmental league for the NFL

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In a radio interview, XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck was adamant that Vince McMahon’s startup league, was not positioning itself as a developmental league for the NFL. “Vince wants to develop a sustainable, standalone league,” Luck said. “He doesn’t want to be a developmental league. I ran a developmental league for 10 years, but I think … Read more

Submit Your Choices for XFL Team Names

XFL 2020 Television Ratings

In 2000, asked the fans to weigh in on their choices for XFL 1.0 team names.  The results were interesting: We are doing it again! XFL fans are encouraged to submit their choices for the new XFL team names. Please submit your choices in the form below. Name and email addresses are optional. … Read more

The XFL pokes fun at the NFL on Superbowl Sunday

It’s been just over a week that the XFL has announced plans to re-launch in 2020, and they’re already attempting to take on the NFL. Not to mention showing moxy, by poking fun on Superbowl Sunday, the NFL’s biggest day of the year. The XFL twitter account @XFL2020 posted three videos, all poking fun on … Read more