XFL Partners with The Spring League to Reimagine Football

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XFL Press Release Stamford, Conn., January 30, 2019 – The XFL today announced that it has formed a partnership with The Spring League, an elite professional football development organization, to test changes to rules and gameplay as it works to reimagine the game when it kicks off in 2020. Testing during The Spring League’s upcoming … Read more

Fan Choice: Vote on XFL Team Names

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In 2000, when XFLBoard.com asked fans to weigh in on their choices for XFL 1.0 team names, the results were so interesting we decided to do it again. As we await the official release of the team names by the XFL, we asked the fans to weigh in. Since January 13th, we have had hundreds … Read more

The Alliance between Dick Ebersol and Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon and Dick Ebersol – Credit: ESPN Films.”Do you ever have any thoughts of trying again?” Dick Ebersol asked Vince McMahon on the This was the XFL special done for the ESPN 30 for 30 series. Vince McMahon without hesitation responded, “Yes I do.” Ebersol responded with, “We’ll have to do it with our own … Read more

Jeffrey Pollack Named XFL President COO

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Stamford, Conn., January 22, 2019 – The XFL today announced that sports industry veteran Jeffrey Pollack has been named President & Chief Operating Officer and will oversee the league’s strategic planning and business operations, as well as the management of its eight teams. “Just as Oliver Luck is perfectly suited to be Commissioner & CEO, so … Read more

One Last Look Back at the Original XFL

As XFL Representatives scout the future of pro football and their league, at this past weekend’s College All-Star games. I found myself thinking about the past and how surreal this whole XFL return thing really is. I keep having 2001 flashbacks. Let’s jump back into Doc’s DeLorean one last time. The world was so different … Read more

Submit Your Choices for XFL Team Names

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In 2000, XFLBoard.com asked the fans to weigh in on their choices for XFL 1.0 team names.  The results were interesting: https://xflboard.com/team-name-suggestion.php We are doing it again! XFL fans are encouraged to submit their choices for the new XFL team names. Please submit your choices in the form below. Name and email addresses are optional. … Read more

Is the XFL really going to happen?

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This is a question that I am sure that many followers of the XFL, have been asking themselves since Vince McMahon announced the XFL’s return on January 25th of last year. Personally, I still can’t believe that the XFL is returning. It still doesn’t seem real. The history of proposed launches and relaunches of leagues … Read more

Gambling in and on the XFL

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There will come a day when sports gambling is as regular as buying a lottery ticket. The legalization of sports gambling will have huge ramifications on the economy and the business models of all sports leagues. That day hasn’t arrived yet but we are getting closer to it. Several sports leagues are positioning themselves upfront … Read more