Coming Together

By AX Man – Memphis Maniax Team Reporter 31 October 2000 – Things are finally starting to take shape for the XFL and the Memphis Maniax. They now have a coach in Kippy Brown, uniforms, and over the weekend they were able to get some players. Kippy is a local guy. He is graduate … Read more

Birmingham Bolts Draft Review

By Sonny Sanders – Birmingham Bolts Co-Reporter 31 October 2000 – According to Bob Gates, director of player personnel, the Thunderbolts were able to get everyone they wanted in the first 10 rounds of the draft. With the first pick they took Casey Weldon to be the quarterback and then built the defense and the … Read more

QBs – Top of the Draft

Scott Milanovich – Chosen 1st Overall (31 October 2000) – Six QBs were chosen in First Round of XFL Draft The management of all eight XFL teams sent out the same message on draft day: If you want to win a football game you need a good quarterback. This is why the first seven out of … Read more

Birmingham Bolts Report Card Day

By Bamaslammer – Birmingham Bolts Co-Reporter 30 October 2000 – We are 3 months away from a furious thrashing of the Memphis Maniacs at Legion Field. At this point I thought a first semester report card would be in order. Marketing The local media descended upon the XFL and the nameless Birmingham team like vultures. … Read more

Orlando Rage Make QB First Choice

(30 October 2000) – The Orlando Rage made Louisville’s Jeff Brohm its first selection in the XFL’s Player Allocation and Selection System draft. Brohm isn’t short on experience. He spent six seasons in the NFL, including last season with the Denver Broncos, where he was the team’s number three quarterback. He is somewhat familiar with the … Read more

The XFL Draft

(25 October 2000) — The XFL draft may prove to be one of the more exciting events that the XFL has staged on the road to its inaugural game on the 3rd of Feb 2001. Over the weekend of 28-30 October, 2000, a total of 560 players will be picked from a draft pool reported … Read more

Ron Meyer, New Head Coach of the Enforcers

All Good Things Must Come to an End… Should It Really? By QumarChicago – Chicago Team Reporter 21 October 2000 – When Dick Butkus was announced as head coach of the enforcers in June, everyone in the city of Chicago was ecstatic. Everyone from former Enforcers GM Ken Valdiserri, to Vince McMahon, to the media … Read more

Butkus Proves It

(20 October 2000) — Did the XFL lie to it’s fans? After all, there are many fans who have stepped forward to support the Chicago Enforcers and even some who bought season tickets simply because Dick Butkus was going to be on the sidelines. Most XFL fans bought into the whole concept of Dick Butkus as … Read more

The Final XFL Player Selection Process

(16 October 2000) — The XFL draft is coming up in two weeks. It is time to take a breather and reflect on how the final months of preparation will be for the XFL teams. The question that many people have been asking is this: How will the XFL go from where they are now … Read more

News from the Xtreme

10 October 2000 – Some of the Xtreme’s playing corp is starting to take shape. On Thursday, Sept 28th, the Xtreme worked out former UCLA star Tommy Maddox. The word is that Los Angeles Head Coach, Al Luginbill, liked what he saw in Maddox. The coach is also excited that he may be starting the season … Read more