Sunday’s United Football League finale will include star power in Tom Brady and Kurt Warner

Former NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady (left) and Kurt Warner (right).
Former NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady (left) and Kurt Warner (right).

Just having two football teams in a hard-fought battle for spring football supremacy is apparently not enough for the United Football League. The UFL plans to feature one of the greatest players to ever grace the field in their June 16, 2024, championship game at The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis. The game will also feature one of St. Louis’s heroes, who will be on hand to support his son, who will be playing.

Fox Sports pulled out the big guns when they put their newest asset, Tom Brady, to work, who will be flashing his smile and handing out the United Football League Championship MVP trophy at the end of Sunday’s game. Brady recently signed a 10-year (375 million-dollar) contract with Fox to be their lead color commentator for NFL games starting next season. Not to mention, Brady is a bit of an expert on MVP trophies, having won the Super Bowl MVP trophy five times in his career.

Some might say Brady should be calling the game, as he may need a warm-up for the upcoming NFL season. However, Fox is clearly using Brady to build up hype for the game, in hopes of attracting new viewers to the league.

One wonders if the residents of St. Louis still harbor resentment over Brady and the New England Patriots’ victory over the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI?

Kurt Warner, former St. Louis Rams quarterback and Super Bowl MVP, will also attend the game. Warner, a St. Louis hero, played in the NFL for 12 seasons, a career that saw him rise from being cut as an undrafted free agent, play for the Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena Football League and the Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europe, and then complete his Cinderella story when he returned to the NFL. During his first season as an NFL starting quarterback, Warner led the “Greatest Show on Turf” offense to the Rams’ first Super Bowl title in Super Bowl XXXIV, earning him league and Super Bowl MVP honors.

Warner will be on hand to support his son, Kade Warner, who is a wide receiver for the San Antonio Brahmas. Kade Warner, a Nebraska and Kansas State product, was signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an undrafted free agent in 2023, and was later drafted by the San Antonio Brahmas from the Houston Roughnecks during the 2024 UFL dispersal draft. The Brahmas released Warner on March 10, 2024, but he re-signed on May 28.

Kurt Warner will attend the game along with his wife Brenda Warner, who posted, she has, “So many good memories of StL, the people, the games.”

In a recent post on, Warner gives props to the people of St. Louis and credits leagues like the UFL for giving him a football playing opportunity.

Warner also posted a plea intended to pull at the heart strings of St. Louis fans who may have lost interest in the game following their beloved St. Louis Battlehawks’ playoff elimination. Warner invited St. Louis fans to join him in cheering for the San Antonio Brahmas and his son.

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